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Pacific Rim : Uprising

Tasked to create holographic control surfaces and display systems for the iconic Jaeger robots in Pacific Rim: Uprising, Territory worked closely with Dneg to bring the man-machine interactions to life.

Coming on board in post, I was part of the Territory Studio team responsible for concepting, design, animation, texturing, lighting and shot delivery of the complex holographic ‘connpod’ consoles that feature in the film, and final assets for tables and screens.

The dynamic holographic display systems were

customized to show the technological sophistication of each of the four ‘hero’ Jaeger models, and designed to tie in with specific storybeats and support actors’ performance. Working at the highest standard using our bespoke VFX pipeline






Pacific Rim Uprising_Stills_003
Pacific Rim Uprising_Stills_002
Pacific Rim Uprising_Stills_001
Pacific Rim Uprising_Stills_011
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