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I am a Senior Freelance 3D designer / Director with over 10 years of international working experience in Motion Graphics and VFX.

Previously, I have worked full-time in award winning design agencies and Broadcasters (GREY, JWT, Intro, ESPN, SONY) in London and Singapore, in which I have worked on a variety of award winning advertising campaigns. Clients that i have worked with include Nike, Channel 4, BBC, Volvo, Gucci, Bentley and Jaguar amongst many others.

Apart from TV commercials, I had also worked on AAA game (Halo), Film / TV Programmes title sequences, channels identities and digital content.
I am effectively trilingual, and speak English, Chinese and Cantonese fluently, on top of intermediate Italian. I am also a team player with good communication skills.

Please do not hesitate to contact if you like to discuss a project.


Roger Chiaw

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