Jaguar I-Pace

FP Creative

It’s a big moment, Jaguar reveals its first all-electric five-seater sports car in Shanghai to the world.

Intro created a spectacular electrical effects film to kick off the launch, screened on an extreme widescreen format and scored with a hardcore high voltage audio bed.

Shanghai is lit up momentarily by a massive surge of electricity. Earthing down first on the iconic Shanghai Tower, the wave of electrical power spills out from the top of the architecture and drops to the base of the tower.

In an epic sequence of live action, animation and CGI, the lightning arcs finally come to rest in the darkness at the base of the building, flickering momentarily across the I-PACE, now fully charged, waiting, ready to explode into action.

Foxtrot Papa Creative Director: Andy Thomas
Intro Director: Julian Gibbs
VFX: Intro






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2017 May - An electrifying new video that i have made for Jaguar, has been unveiled in Shanghai. Watch video HERE