VFX Showreel

Visual effects work ranging from short film to music video.
Software used: Pixel Farm PfTrack, SideFx Houdini, SideFx Mantra, Foundry Nuke





















MoGraph Showreel

Motion graphics work ranging from channel branding idents to music video and television commercials.
Software used: Pixel Farm PfTrack,Maxon Cinema4D, Foundry Nuke, Adobe After Effects
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Still & All

A thriller short film about an alien life form taking over the city, capturing it’s dwellers and devouring them in coccoons. My role in this project was creating the cracking system. This was done in Houdini procedurally, starting with a animated line. A ‘cookie’ sop is used to create the ‘crevice opening’ effect. The debris system was generated using the inverse result of the ‘cookie’ sop. It is passed through the DOP network to create the dynamic falling effect following the line animation. Velocity attributes from the debris helped generate CG smoke and dust and finer debris stones. Final render done using Houdini’s Mantra. Footage shot on SONY EX3. Camera tracking done in PixelFarm PfTrack. Stabilising, plate cleanup, colour grade and compositing done using Foundry Nuke.

















A short film capturing the beauty of a chaotic explosion in slow motion. Backplate shot on Canon 5D MarkII. Television sets modelled and textured in Houdini. Exploding effect done in Houdini Rigid Body Dynamic Network using ‘Magnet Force’ object. Final render in Houdini’s Mantra. Synthetic camera move animation, colour grade and compositing done in Nuke.














Based in the city

As director and camera man of this music video, I was also in charge of developing the ground cracking effect in the last 3 shots of the film. Pre-shattered chunks were created using ‘for each’ node. A unique point is assigned to each chunk which is then animated in POP network. This allows for a more dramatic and exaggerated look. Sprite smoke are generated using the same particles. The entire cracking system was done in SideFx Houdini and rendered using Houdini’s native renderer, Mantra. Image stablising, plate cleanup, compositing and colour grade was done in Foundry Nuke. Audio track: "Nails" by Vex'd
















Snow effect

Personal research project - to create snow depression effect. This effect was achieved using ‘attribute transfer’ in Houdini.














Procedural landscape

Personal research project - create a procedual 'self growing' landscape based on the waveform frequency information of an audio track. This was done in Houdini Chops. Erractic line animation was generated using audio track waveform information, this information is then passed onto the 'ground surface'. Areas of greater concentrated activity generate 'points', objects could be instanced. In this example, a random point number displaced spherical object was used.
















Dry to wet conversion project to mimic an underwater environment. Backplate shot on Canon 5D MarkII. Lantern modelled, textured, animated (keyframe) and rendered (mantra) in SideFx Houdini. Colour grade, and compositing done in Foundry Nuke



















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